Photography has been a passion of mine for quite some time. A hobby that has consumed much of my time, as my wife can attest. I find myself continually amazed at the surpassing greatness of the beauty which surrounds us all. Photography enables me to stop and slowdown in this fast paced world and enjoy the beauty in the details. I enjoy seeking a unique perspective to the simple things in life, opening the eyes of people to extravagant beauty that is passed by on a daily basis as simply the "norm" or "boring". I hope that through my work you are caused to stop and enjoy the "beauty in the details" which you may have often overlooked or ignored. That my images cause you to think deeper than the photo itself, to the Creator of this beauty, that I try so hard to capture, yet never do justice.

My passion has led me to study photography at NYIP (New York Institute of Photography) where I am currently a student. NYIP is America's oldest and largest photography school, founded in 1910. Through the schooling I have been forced to expand my horizons and perspective and begin to perfect what was a simple hobby. I specialize in fine art photography with a love for landscape, nature, travel and macro. I also enjoy capturing life, so whether it be sports, senior pictures, events and activities, I would love to capture those moments for you so you can cherish them for a life-time. Being a student, I enjoy learning and am always working on expanding my skills and expertise and I am open to any other projects that you may have. For those in and around the Sugarcreek, OH area I would be privileged the opportunity to capture life through pictures for your family, senior, baby or sporting event! Call or email me today to schedule your photo shoot, 330.204.8857.

I have several different galleries on this site for you to browse and purchase from, I also license images for print, advertising and web. For all licensing needs please call or email me. I also have some of my work displayed at Bye Bye Blue Gallery in Sugarcreek, OH where I will lead a monthly community photo-walk as well as some basic photography classes starting in June 2014. If you have any questions or special orders that you would like to have of a certain image, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will try my best to meet your needs. To order any print or canvas you can order online through this website or you can email me your requests and I will process the images for you. Come back soon as my inventory of images and products will continually be growing. Thank you all for taking the time to visit KJ Coblentz Online Gallery!!