Elliana Raine Coblentz, Born May 26, 2012 weighing 2lbs 7oz. Welcome to the KJ Cares Project!!

Here you will find everything we are doing in the efforts of helping to raise support and awareness for those who have premature babies! We are so glad you are here and willing to help those with premature children. After having our daughter in the NICU for over three months, we know how long, dark, and stressful this journey can be. Our Full Story. With the funds raised we will be sending personalized care packages to those with children in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, ICU for babies) or to fund non-profit organizations that have the same vision. One of the greatest gifts my wife received when going through this difficult season was a care package with small creative gifts packaged individually for her to open each morning. With long days and short nights, opening a small gift each morning meant so much to her. I loved to see the smile on her face as she anticipated the next gift. If you have any ideas for us or would like to donate anything to be included into these care packages please let us know. You can contact Kenny at 330.204.8857 or email at [email protected]. While we experienced unexpected medical events in our lives, we were blessed by so many people and organizations which saved us thousands of dollars. They helped us with physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs and we want to ensure families continue to have these needs met. Some of these organizations included Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes, EI School of Biblical Training, Rainbow of Hope and many more.

If you know anyone with a premature baby, have questions about preemies or would like helpful resources, we would love to connect or share from our experience.
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